Monday, 20 January 2014

Social Network Script enhanced with feature rich Admin Panel

Social Network Script is one of the most popular and most demanded scripts to start international business. In market if you do analysis then you can find many websites which provides readymade 3rd party social network script in cheap rate but all of them are providing limited features and functionalities. As well as it doesn’t give chance to become good brand in cut throat competitive market. So you have to use customized Social Network Script which gives you facility according to your needs and it also helps you to become unique international brand with huge ROI (Rate of Return) covering facility.

Here are listed Common Features of Social Network Script - Front End and Back End 

==> Common Features of Social Network Script

# Report Abuse

In this option from admin side admin can able to make list of restricted words so when that type of cheap or adult words are written by any user then system automatically converts it in asterisk signs. 

# Report Spam

From here user can able to send spam notice for any user which is doing spamming activities on website to admin.

# Flag

From here user can only give their negative opinion in any post with making click on Flag option.

# Captcha

From here admin can able to set Captcha where user can able to solve it.

# SQL Injection Proof Coding Structure

This option is very much beneficial for admin and user because it provides hacking proof security in their coding structure so data of both Admin and User are keep secure in website.

# Rich Text WYSIWHG Editor

This editor gives very good facility to customize posting such as font setting, font size, Font Color, Background Color, Link, Add Image, Photo, Bullets, Numbering and HTML coding facility and one main thing is WYSIWHG editor’s name is WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.

# Help Tool Tip

Through filling out Help tool tip by admin it helps user to solve every issue.

# Database Indexing

This feature is conclude that in coding every database is perfectly indexed in serial number or particular flow so it is very easy to handle it for admin and as well as for users.

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